Sunday, February 16, 2014

At Lozano School I have been implementing the invention activities one day a week after school with 5th-8th grade students.  I have included many activities that were shared with us such as: Each group receives an item and they have to figure out what it is used for. Another day we took items in the classroom and had to make a list of other things the item could be used for.  I have used the IBM service kits along with the lessons given to us in the invention convention Google doc. The kids have been really engaged and have come up with things I never expected. We have been practicing: presenting a problem, brainstorming possible solutions, design possible solution, improve solution and then communicate design and solution.  (also using SCAMPER questions)  Below are pictures of the students participating in two of the IBM kits. The purpose of the shoe invention was to pick a problem to address and make a shoe that solves the problem. 

Artsy Shoe: Uniquely designed wedge shoe cushioned for extra comfort
Hiking Shoe: Flashlight in front and you can press a button for metal spikes to come out of the sides if you need to climb
Running Shoe: with a light in the front that turns on in the dark
Cleaning Sandal: Pad underneath so you can mop or sweep while you move
The Goal of the marble ramp was to make a ramp out of only paper and tape that allows the marble to roll and then stop closest to the finish line.  The students had to practice communication skills during this activity. Only one member went to the launch site first, then had to communicate to other members what was wrong with the design and then they had to improve it and launch a second time. 
Now it's time to use what we've learned as Engineers and begin to start our own inventions.  Our invention convention showcase at our school is going to be April 10th. I hope the fun and innovation continues!
Colleen Scampini-Dolecki
Lozano School

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