Friday, February 14, 2014

Outreach Activities at Jose de Diego Community Academy!

Today we conducted an Invention Convention outreach event at one of the participating schools, Jose de Diego Community Academy. 

Mr. Madrigal runs a before school club, enrichment program for IMSA, Robotics Club, and STEM students. The students are in grades 6-8 and were fresh from winning an award at a Robotics Club event just a week earlier (Congratulations!).

We started the presentation with a short exercise in teaching the kids about patents. They had to guess what the item was by the patent blueprint drawing. They were shown 2 patents that were filed in the late 1800's, but are today common household items. And also both products were invented right here in Chicago.

Click here to view the intro slides: Jose de Diego Invention Convention Outreach

We were then delighted to have as a guest speaker Mr. Patrick Harris, Chief of Product Development at iMagine-it-Tech. Mr. Harris discussed the topic of engineering and 3D printing and showed a short video on how 3D printing works. The students were very intrigued!

He even passed around objects that were printed in 3D!

We ended with an exercise where the students split into 3 groups. Each group was given a random object used in everyday life and told to think of "new" or "innovative" ways to use them. The ideas they thought of were great!

Thank you to Mr. Madrigal, Mr. Harris, and to the CPS students at Jose de Diego for a fun and insightful outreach event! Good luck to all of you in this year's CPS Invention Convention!

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