Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sabin Elementary Magnet School Outreach!

Yesterday we held an outreach event at Sabin Elementary Magnet School with 66 students from 3 different 7th grade classes. We were lucky to have the director of the Invention Convention join us as guest speaker, Miss Anneliese Gegenheimer. Miss Gegenheimer gave an insightful presentation on the Cycle of Inventing and an introduction to patents. The students participated by guessing the steps of the invention cycle and walked through an example of a patented invention.

We also watched a short video Miss Gegenheimer picked up on her travels to Tanzania, Africa about an inventor and how he used the cycle of inventing to invent a bicycle powered cell phone charger.

After the presentation we did 2 activities with the students. In the first activity the students split into groups and each group was given a random object and asked to think of different ways it could be used. Our next exercise was "invention charades" where students chose a card with an invention from Chicago and had to act out the invention for the group to guess. The students really got into this one!

We would like to thank Mr. Lazio for helping organize the event. We would also like to thank the 7th grade teachers for helping out at the event. Finally, thank you to the students for participating and good luck to the inventors! Looking forward to seeing your inventions!

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