Sunday, April 6, 2014

Andrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy Outreach!

We are very excited to recently have had the opportunity to visit the Andrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy inventors! Patrick Harris, the Chief of Product, and Edward Spriggins, the Business Development Manager, of iMagine-it-Tech were kind enough to join us and speak with the students.

The inventors each introduced themselves and named an invention they used that day. Once everyone was acquainted, the inventors learned about famous inventions by Chicago inventors! Among those are the ferris wheel, deep dish pizza and the zipper.

Mr. Harris and Mr. Spriggins shared with the inventors their experiences with engineering and challenged them to use their imagination and creativity throughout the Invention Convention process. Mr. Harris and Mr. Spriggins taught the inventors about Arduino and used wearable technology as an example of how it can be used.

Each of the inventors then used household items and their creativity to reinvent their assigned item. Mr. Harris spent time with the inventors giving a closer demonstration of the Arduino and answered their questions about Arduino, engineering and his experiences.

As we wrapped up our time with the Andrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy inventors, we were given a sneak peak into the inventions they were creating. We want to thank Ms. Prabhakar for hosting our event, Mr. Harris and Mr. Spriggins for participating and sharing their experiences and knowledge, and, of course, all of the inventors!

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  1. well i go to andrew jackson langue acdemy and this program is a after school program


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