Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outreach at Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual and International Center!

After going around the room and naming inventions they had used that day, the students at Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual and International Center reviewed the steps of the Invention Process.

Once the young inventors were all refreshed on the cycle of inventing, they had the pleasure of meeting the Chief of Product Development at iMagine-it-Tech, Patrick Harris. Mr. Harris gave a very interesting presentation on wearable technology and learning about what it takes to be an inventor. Mr. Harris stressed the importance of math and science but also emphasized the necessity of being creative and imaginative.

At the conclusion of Mr. Harris’ speech, the students broke into small groups and were each given an item. Within their group, they discussed what their invention was, what it is used for and how they could change it or improve it. Whether it was using an ice tray as storage or a spoon as a catapult, each invention soon became something different than originally intended!

At the conclusion of the outreach, the inventors shared with us some of their ideas for inventions and had the opportunity to ask questions to a real life engineer. We would like to thank Ms. Scampini for welcoming and hosting us and Mr. Harris for taking the time out of his busy schedule to participate in the Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual and International Center outreach!

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