Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 CPS Invention Convention Award Winners!

2nd Chicago Public Schools Invention Convention draws over 150 elementary school student inventors

Judges listen as students present their inventions
CHICAGO, IL - Over 150 Chicago Public School students from 10 schools in grades 3-8 showed off their creativity and innovation at the 2014 CPS Invention Convention on Saturday, May 17th at Crane Technical Prep High School.

Student inventors presented their inventions to volunteer judges and competed for over $4000 in scholarships and prizes.  Students also participated in Imagination Station activities, which included a demo station from American Science & Surplus, making goo, science exploration, fun with data, and designing invention advertisements.  Over 75 volunteers helped with judging, set up, check-in, Imagination Station activities, scoring, food, and awards. 

The Butterstick, the grand prize winning invention
The grand prize winner of an invention prototyping and mentoring opportunity from Imagine-it-Tech and a $500 529 scholarship was the team of Autumn DeBonnett and Ariel McGee, 3rd graders from Skinner West.  They invented The Butterstick, a roll-on form of butter that makes it easier to spread butter on your toast.    

The second place overall winner of a $300 529 scholarship was Andrew Diaz, a 5th grader from Talcott.  He invented the Student Helper, which is a mobile application that allows students to be reminded about deadlines, check grades, and submit assignments.  

Students experiment with electricity with American Science & Surplus
The third place overall winner was Ida Maina, a 4th grader from Irving.  She invented the Anti Violence Gun Sensor, a sensor that helps police respond to and solve gunshot crimes more quickly by sensing a gun blast, taking pictures, and dialing 911.

The 2014 Chicago Public Schools Invention Convention was supported by IBM, Factset, Imagine-it-Tech, Thinkubators.com, Time2Invent, SAP, American Science & Surplus, Staples, American Science & Surplus, Randall and Cheryl Tribue, Starbucks, Adler Planetarium, and Museum of Science and Industry.
To learn more, check out our Event Pictures, Event Program, and Press Release.

Congratulations to this year's winners:
Overall Winners:
Student inventors with their certificates and ribbons
1st Place: $500 529 scholarship, Knowbrainer (Thinkubators.com), and Invention Prototyping and Mentoring (Imagine-it-Tech)
The Butterstick, Ariel McGee and Autumn DeBonnett, Skinner West, 3rd grade

2nd Place: $300 529 scholarship and Knowbrainer (Thinkubators.com)
Student Helper, Andrew Diaz, Talcott, 5th grade

3rd Place: $200 529 scholarship and Knowbrainer (Thinkubators.com)
Anti Gun Violence Sensor, Ida Maina, Irving, 4th grade

Grade winners listed below won the following prizes: 1st place - $75 certificate to Museum of Science and Industry and Knowbrainer (Thinkubators.com); 2nd place - $50 certificate to American Science & Surplus; 3rd place - $25 certificate to American Science & Surplus.  Honorable Mentions received a $10 certificate to American Science & Surplus.

3rd Grade:
1st Place - The Shot Shield, Colin Schaffner, Skinner West
2nd Place - The Backpack Jack, Lola Prisco, Skinner West
3rd Place - All in One Magic Math Tool, Wendy Wang, Skinner West

4th Grade:
1st Place - Lego Sorter, Luke Malin and Mason Daly, Suder
2nd Place - Salt Shovel Shaker, Daniel Pitzele and Krishna Prabhakar, Jackson
3rd Place - Turn-it!, Sophia Lopez and Sophia Rebolledo, Jackson
5th Grade:
1st Place - Better Bottle, Jason Guo, Skinner West
2nd Place - The Shoe Shower, Emmanuel Ramirez, Irving
3rd Place - Nice Ice Tray, Katelyn McBride, Skinner West

6th Grade:
1st Place - Clutch Guard, Aysia Grey and Lila Macklin, Skinner West
2nd Place - Dead or Alive, Darinka Stepan, Skinner West
3rd Place - Jewelanator , Emelly Pantoja and Unique Martinez, Lozano

7th-8th Grades:
1st Place - Parapluie, Gabriela Martinez and Stefany Leal, Talcott
2nd Place - The Bolt Locker, Jeffrey Ren, Skinner West
3rd Place - My Chicken's Keeper, Susy Morales, Irving

Honorable Mentions:
The Fish Filternet, Max Matthes, Irving, 3rd grade
Flat-O-Matic, Lucas Wang, Skinner West, 3rd grade
The Rain Roller, Tyler Golod, Skinner West, 3rd grade
Stay Tied Clips, Tru Coleman, Skinner West, 3rd grade
Turn-it!, Sophia Lopez and Sophia Rebolledo, Jackson, 4th grade
Viper, Elliott Gallas and Jasir Bailey, Suder, 4th grade
Go Go Glasses, Aaron Sanchez and Lourdes Garduno, Lozano, 5th grade
Sammy Clips, Fiona Lyons-Carlson and Najeo Sillah, Skinner West, 5th grade
Simple Beauty (SB), Valentina Flores, Suder, 5th grade
Word Master 3000, Adrianna Elliott, Suder, 5th grade
Socks Saver, Aliya Jackson, Suder, 5th grade
The Colorful Shoe 3000, Ayodele Thomas-Kadirifu, Suder, 5th grade
Miracle Brush, Ella Almer, Suder, 5th grade
The Leaf Catcher, Chloe Kurka and Isabelle Kanoski, Skinner West, 5th grade
The Bunion Straightener, Jamil Clayton, Skinner West, 5th grade
The Jug Lifter, Ryan Wong, Skinner West, 5th grade
Jewelanator, Emelly Pantoja and Unique Martinez, Lozano, 6th grade
Toothbrush 3000, Kaushal Patel, Jose de Diego, 6th grade
The Zoom Shopping Cart, Lilly Madrigal, Jose de Diego, 7th grade
V.A.ck-Pack, Arihana Figueroa and Valerie Rodriguez, Talcott, 7th grade
X-Ray Cassette Warmer, Adam Torres, Sabin, 7th grade
Phone Saver, Angelica Ramos and Jacy Rogers, Talcott, 7th grade
Lazy Teacher, Alejandra Pantoja and Denise Garcia, Lozano, 8th grade