Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prieto Student Thoughts

This blog post was submitted by the scholars from Prieto Academy.

I love Invention Convention because we get to see real inventors and we also get to see inventions to see what the problem was. We also got to learn about the Cycle of Inventing. We also learned that there is no limits in finding a problem and finding a solution. I love invention convention because we also get to learn more about inventing and how they help us today. 

Here is the Cycle of Inventing and some tips:

1) Find a Problem Tip: Find something that you have a hard time doing, NO LIMITS!
2) Do background research Tip: If your invention is taken, you can think of another invention or you can think of a way to improve the invented invention
3) Brainstorm ways to solve the problem Tip: you can ask friends or family for ideas
4) Plan materials and design Tip: think of the main things you need
5) Build prototype Tip: you can draw the invention first then build
6) Test prototype Tip: please have adult supervision for safety
7) Redesign and retest (if it is necessary) Tip: try using an idea from the people you asked or find the mistake
8) Present results and get feedback Tip: you can use the feedback from others to upgrade your invention 

- Cyanna

I love Invention Convention because I like that we get to come up with a solution to our problems or maybe just think about a solution. - Jocelyn

I love invention convention because we learn how to invent new things. Invention convention shows us people that invent and inspire us to invent new things every day. Invention convention shows us new products that people have made. Invention convention inspired me to come up with a solution to one of my biggest problems. I can't wait to show you my prototype! - Abigail

I love invention convention because you can make new friends. You meet people who have the same problems as you. You have so much fun. The cycle of invention is the steps you have to take to create an invention. Step 1 is think of a problem. Step 2 is do background research. Step 3 brainstorm ways to solve the problem. Step 4 is to plan your materials and design. Step 5 is to build a prototype. Step 6 test you prototype. Step 7 redesign and retest if it is necessary. Step 8 is to present and get feedback. Then your done you have your invention. Yup that fast. It's not magic or a talent... anyone can invent. You just need a pencil, a piece of paper, a group of people, and your smart brain. - Roxanna

In Invention Convention you could actually invent the solution and it's actually fun to compete at the end of the project. Also I've learned that you could collaborate with people to work together. - Alondra

I love invention convention because there is a bunch of research that you have to do so then that helps you with other subjects that are like reading or social studies because you have to research. Also because invention convention helps you understand to open your mind and get out there in the world and start solving problems from the community and help others with their problems! The cycle of invention is a set of directions that help you make your invention and help you to it and for you to not start the club all willy billy and think that you could come up with a bunch of ideas that you think that you could make your invention that fast! - Abner

I really love inventing so I got a wonderful thing to invent. So then this program or club came out that's one of the reasons that I loved this program. The second reason why I really loved this program is that we could make something amazing and be know as the person that helped the world in many good things like save energy and a new way of thinking or a new way of technology. And the best thing of all you can get creative. - Ilan


  1. WOW! I am amazed by our Prieto scholars more and more each day! Keep up the great work and one day each of you will create an invention that will change the world! - Ms. Gonney : )

  2. Well I didn’t have a chance to go their but yeah one of mine friend went there in Chicago and when I asked to him about this he told me that is it is an awesome experience moreover I like this post too. I just hope I could get a chance to visit there.
    Invention Idea Submission


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