Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chicago student inventors shine at NICEE 2016!

May 26, 2016

Washington, D.C. - 19 Chicago student inventors grades 4-8 traveled to Washington, D.C. to compete at the first annual National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) held May 19-21 and hosted by The STEMIE Coalition ( at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Nine student inventors grades K-3 competed in the virtual competition.  Students competed against over 260 entries from competitors from 15 states.

More than 120 judges from intellectual property-focused law firms, U.S. Government departments, corporations, teachers, and others from the D.C. area and from as far away as California, judged the competition. Some 800 participants made NICEE 2016 a big success.

A total of 43 award winners took home honors from the inaugural NICEE 2016 event, including 3 from Chicago students.  Eight different states had students receive awards at NICEE 2016.  A complete list of winners can be found here.

Connecticut teen Lucca Riccio took top honors for his creation, the “Message Mask,” which is a Bluetooth-enabled noise-canceling CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) medical device that helps patients communicate clearly with loved ones while receiving oxygen through the mask.

“The level of invention was outstanding and worthy of a national competition,” says NICEE 2016 organizer Danny Briere, CEO of The STEMIE Coalition, the event host. “When you have students as young as second graders being considered for the Best-in-Show award, and third graders winning for Best Prototype, you know it is an incredibly innovative field of inventors.”

Photos of Chicago students at the NICEE can be found here.

Congratulations to the Chicago Award Winners:
  • 3rd Place, K-3 (virtual): Sophia N & Charlotte M, Grade 3, Skinner, Commu-Tech Gloves
Commu-Tech Gloves help prevent cold hands while using electronic devices during a winter commute. The gloves have touch screen compatible finger tips, a see-through pocket for transit passes, antimicrobial functionality, and palm grips to keep devices from slipping.
  • 1st Place, 4th Grade: Natalie C, Grade 4, Portage Park, Hands Free Umbrella
The Hands Free Umbrella allows a person to use an umbrella without having to hold it, leaving their hands free to do other things.
  • 3rd Place, 4th Grade: Victoria Q, Grade 4, Portage Park, Pillow Prop-er
The Pillow Prop-er props people up and ensures air flow and breathing is clear and comfortable to prevent mucus from accumulating in the chest.

Congratulations to all of the Chicago student inventors who competed at the NICEE 2016:
Abigail H, Grade K, Lasalle II, The Toothpaste Monitoring Toothbrush
Daisy H, Grade K, Lenart Regional, the blankeet
Audrey E, Grade 3, Lenart Regional, Charm-Med
Olivia A, Grade 3, Skinner, The Shopkin Stick
Sophia N & Charlotte M, Grade 3, Skinner, Commu-Tech Gloves
Molly S, Grade 3, Skinner, Bright Pupil Pass
Daniel R, Grade 3, Skinner, The Lightbell
Ethan W, Grade 3, Skinner, The Shoulder Phone Holder

Natalie C, Grade 4, Portage Park, Hands Free Umbrella
Emily C & Anahi M, Grade 4, Portage Park, Miss Buttery Stick
Charlotte H, Grade 4, Portage Park, Boot Dryer 1000
Victoria Q, Grade 4, Portage Park, Pillow Prop-er
India D & Janiyia P, Grade 5, Chicago Collegiate Charter School, J.I. Binder Slider
Ian K & Colin S, Grade 6, Decatur Classical, Sud-Bot
Jaylin M & Prathmesh P, Grade 6, STEM Magnet Academy, Caught Red Handed
Anjali P, Grade 6, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Spoodle Scoop
Xander F, Grade 7, Lasalle II, GoPro Wrist Mount
Yureli F, Grade 7, Lasalle II, Art Megatainer
Sylvia G, Grade 7, Lasalle II, Lotion Motion
Idrees R, Grade 7, Lasalle II, The Aqua Binder
Nicholas Y, Grade 7, Lasalle II, S0 ° ccer
Emma Z, Grade 7, Lasalle II, Lighterback
Fiona Fryman, Grade 8, Beaubien, Easy Ponytail

Media Contact:

Anneliese Gegenheimer

Chicago Student Invention Convention

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4th Chicago Student Invention Convention draws over 300 student inventors K-8

4th Chicago Student Invention Convention draws over 300 student inventors K-8
CHICAGO, IL - Over 300 Chicago Public School students from 25 schools in grades K-8 showed off their creativity and innovation at the 2016 Chicago Student Invention Convention on Saturday, April 2nd at Clemente High School.
Student inventors presented their inventions to volunteer judges and competed for over $4,500 in scholarships and prizes.  Students also participated in Imagination Station activities, which included a demo station from Mad Science, making geodesic domes with James Dyson Foundation, graphic art with Animindz, making goo, robotics with IBM, and designing invention advertisements.  Over 100 volunteers helped with judging, set up, check-in, Imagination Station activities, scoring, food, and awards.
The grand prize winner of an invention prototyping and mentoring opportunity from Imagine-it-Tech, a $500 529 scholarship from Chicago Innovation Awards, and a fitbit from HorizonPharma was Xander Flores, a 7th grader from Lasalle II.  He invented the GoPro Wrist Mount, which allows you to mount a GoPro camera to your wrist and easily move the camera in any direction during an action filled day.

Our top finalists grades 4-8 are eligible to attend the National Invention Convention in Washington DC on May 20-21 at the USPTO office.
The Chicago Student Invention Convention is a program of Sustain Foundation. 
Congratulations to this year's winners:
*Eligible to attend National Invention Convention
Grand Prize:
*1st Place: GoPro Wrist Mount, Xander Flores, Lasalle II, 7th grade
*2nd Place: Art Megatainer, Yureli Flores, Lasalle II, 7th grade
*3rd Place: Easy Ponytail, Camille Roberts & Fiona Fryman, Beaubien, 7th grade

Grade Prize:
K-2nd Grade:
1st Place: Forget-Me-Not, Gabriela Majano, Lasalle II
2nd Place: The Toothpaste Monitoring Toothbrush, Abigail Handlon, Lasalle II
3rd Place: the blankeet, Daisy Hebert, Lenart Regional

3rd Grade:
1st Place: Charm-Med, Audrey Edwards, Lenart Regional
2nd Place: The Solar Panel Jacket, Aramis Rodriguez, Skinner
3rd Place: The Shopkin Stick, Olivia Arthur, Skinner

4th Grade:
*1st Place: Hands Free Umbrella, Natalie Correa, Portage Park
*2nd Place: Boot Dryer 1000, Charlotte Hastings, Portage Park
*3rd Place: Pillow Prop-er, Victoria Quiroga, Portage Park

5th Grade:
*1st Place: 24-Hour, Jack Edwards, Lenart Regional
*2nd Place: J.I. Binder Slider, India Davis & Janiyia Peebles-Wilkes, Chicago Collegiate Charter School
3rd Place: Solar Panel Stove Top, Adrienne Weiner & Priscila Rodriguez, Pulaski

6th Grade:
*1st Place: Caught Red Handed, Jaylin Morris & Prathmesh Premenand, STEM Magnet Academy
*2nd Place: Sud-Bot, Ian Katamay & Colin Symons, Decatur Classical
*3rd Place: Spoodle Scoop, Anjali Prabhakar, Andrew Jackson Language Academy

7th-8th Grade:
*1st Place: Toasty Hands Umbrella, Chloe Micinski, Lasalle II
*2nd Place: Lotion Motion, Sylvia Gomez, Lasalle II
*3rd Place: Lighterback, Emma Zubak, Lasalle II

Honorable Mention:
*S0 ° ccer, Nicholas Yepez, Lasalle II, 7th Grade
*Glasses Cleaner, Abhinav Goel & Michael Klychman, Whitney Young, 7th Grade
*The Aqua Binder, Idrees Ruta, Lasalle II, 7th Grade
*Razor Scooter Cushion, Jada Wordlaw, STEM Magnet Academy, 6th Grade
*The JBSR C, Sofia Caston & Janice Mei, STEM Magnet Academy, 6th Grade
*Miss Buttery Stick, Emily Curiel & Anahi Mendoza, Portage Park, 4th Grade
*Akvo, Lola Burris, Lenart Regional, 4th Grade
Commu-Tech Gloves, Charlotte Middleton & Sophia Nuciforo, Skinner, 3rd Grade
Cereal-To-Go-Go, Morgan Eggleston, Lenart Regional, 4th Grade
BrightHead, Ol'Nevia Cook & Mukiya Taylor, Chicago Collegiate Charter School, 4th Grade
Corky Dorky Porky Board with Corkos!, Julia Chang, Skinner, 3rd Grade
Baby Steps, Alisia Knox, University of Chicago Charter School - Woodlawn, 7th Grade
Dry Boot, Stella Micinski, Lasalle II, 7th Grade
Open Sesame Laundry Basket, Naomi Hill, Suder Montessori, 7th Grade
Ventra Card Gloves 2.0, Zoren Co, Suder Montessori, 4th Grade
Non-Stick Tostonera, Autumn Marron, Suder Montessori, 4th Grade
Zipper Magic, Leah Norwood, Lenart Regional, 4th Grade
Bright Pupil Pass, Molly Sittner, Skinner, 3rd Grade
Extend-A-Shovel, Krishna Prabhakar & Daniel Pitzele, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, 6th Grade
Super Spout, Cassandra Correa, Portage Park, 4th Grade
The Cereal Saver, Guthrie Kim, Lenart Regional, 4th Grade
The Double Flosser, Alex Giles, Skinner, 3rd Grade
Bad Weather Pod, Olivia Perez, Portage Park, 4th Grade
The Lightbell, Daniel Rupp, Skinner, 3rd Grade
Typers, Jada Cee & Lena Almer, Suder Montessori, 4th Grade
The Shoulder Phone Holder, Ethan Wong, Skinner, 3rd Grade

To learn more about this event, please contact the program director:
Anneliese Gegenheimer
Phone: (312) 523-6429
Twitter: @chikidsinvent

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Countdown to the CSIC

Science Club members at Ogden school are putting their finishing touches in preparation for the Chicago Student Invention Convention on April 2nd at Clemente High School!  They are using their communication skills to make sure information is clearly displayed on their boards and journals, and practicing their presentation skills. 

-Submitted by Sarah Joe, teacher at Ogden Elementary

Monday, March 14, 2016

Suder Montessori holds school Invention Convention

Congratulations Suder Montessori Magnet school for a fabulous Invention Convention.  The students were excited and passionate about their inventions and were able to speak clearly and thoroughly about their work.  There were some wonderful, practical, wacky, dreamy ideas - a perfect representation of what an invention convention should be.

- Submitted by Karen Jones from Suder Montessori

Friday, February 19, 2016

Inspired to Invent

Students at Ogden activated their design and engineering skills by taking apart Dyson vacuum cleaners. They read about all the planning that goes behind brainstorming, designing, redesigning, creating a prototype, testing, and evaluating. This activity helped them launch into their Invention Convention ideas. 

 After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and creating a prototype, students participated in Shark Tank where they presented their ideas and received feedback from their peers and high school mentors. 

-Submitted by Sarah Joe, teacher from Ogden School

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lip Balm That You Can Share Without Spreading Germs Invention at W. Brown

The W. Brown middle school scholars came up with a problem that needed solving: how do you share lip balm without sharing germs? Under the direction of outstanding middle school science teacher and former mechanical engineer Ms. Patrice Morris, the children created lip balms with different inventions to halt germ spreading, tested for germs of different inventions, and built signs advertising their inventions, integrating entrepreneurship with engineering. Kudos to the middle school scholar-engineers and to Ms. Morris!

Submitted by Colleen McGinley and Patrice Morris from William H. Brown

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cereal Scooper Invention Created W. Brown Middle School Scholars

The magnificent middle school scholar-inventors at William H. Brown School of Technology are hard at work creating inventions this month! A team of students designed a cereal scooper and built their invention in the W. Brown STEM Lab. 

Incredible middle school science teacher Patrice Morris has taught the middle school students the Engineering Design Process in conjunction with the Invention Convention methodology and journal recording their process.

 Submitted by Colleen McGinley and Patrice Morris from William H. Brown

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Engineering Challenges at Lozano

The 7th graders at Lozano participated in Engineering Challenges this week!

1. Build a marble ramp out of paper and tape that allows the marble to roll and stop close to the finish line 

2. Build a boat out of 10 straws and 10 inches of plastic wrap that will hold 25 pennies without sinking. 

3. Design and build a toy out of a cardboard tube

- Submitted by Lozano's 7th Grade Science

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Creating Models and Testing Models at W. Brown!

The scholars at William H. Brown are greatly enjoying creating inventions via the Chicago Invention Convention design process. We studied different inventors and inventions. 

The scholars are fascinated by the inventions of Madam C.J. Walker, who was one of the first American women to become a millionaire without a family inheritance, and created inventions tailored to African-American hair. 

The children have thought of a problem they wish to address and brainstormed inventions to solve their problem of choice. Today, the scholars created small models of their invention using materials including playdough and did tests. The students cannot wait to build their "real" inventions. We are thrilled to participate in the Chicago Invention Convention!

- Written by Colleen McGinley, William H. Brown Elementary