Friday, February 19, 2016

Inspired to Invent

Students at Ogden activated their design and engineering skills by taking apart Dyson vacuum cleaners. They read about all the planning that goes behind brainstorming, designing, redesigning, creating a prototype, testing, and evaluating. This activity helped them launch into their Invention Convention ideas. 

 After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and creating a prototype, students participated in Shark Tank where they presented their ideas and received feedback from their peers and high school mentors. 

-Submitted by Sarah Joe, teacher from Ogden School


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  2. Good students. I'm sure you will become talent inventors in the future.

  3. Shark Vacuum Cleaner Cleaner technology is just amazing and an awesome time and labor saver. In future models please include a couple more virtual walls. One is rarely enough! Also please make a mini version for half baths, laundry rooms, etc.