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For Parents:
Parent Feedback Form  
2017 Student Finalist Registration - Due March 17
2017 Student Finalist Information 

For Students:
2017 Student Finalist Registration - Due March 17
2017 Student Finalist Information 
Student Journal - PDF Version
Student Journal - Word Version
Judging Rubric
How to submit your invention to Jimmy Fallon

For Volunteers:
Volunteer Feedback Form
2017 Volunteer Sign Up
2016 Volunteer Orientation Deck

Sample Classroom Outreach Agenda 

For Sponsors:
Online Donor Form
2017 CSIC Info Sheet
2017 Donor Packet  

For Teachers: 
Teacher Feedback Form
Blog Submission Form
Judging Rubric
Primary Teacher Contact Role Description
Student Journal - PDF Version
Student Journal - Word Version

Dyson Foundation Curriculum
Junior Scientist Curriculum 

Lesson Planning Guide
Supplemental Guide - Minority Inventors
Supplemental Guide - Soybeans
Supplemental Guide - Art
Supplemental Guide - Solid Waste Management
Supplemental Guide - Going Green
Supplemental Guide - General
Supplemental Guide - Medicine
Supplemental Guide - Music

Chicago Invention Flashcards
Product Pitch Slides
Inventions That Were Made by Mistake - Shared by Ms. Prabhakar

Quirky School of Invention Curriculum
Supplemental Activities for Activity Kits
Quirky Inventor Profiles
Quirky Process Card

2016 Archives:
2016 CSIC Info Sheet 
2016 Volunteer Sign-Up Form
2016 Volunteer Descriptions 
2016 Teacher Orientation Deck
2016 Program Implementation Plan
2016 Student Finalist Registration - Due March 18
2016 Student Finalist Information
How to Redeem your Junior Edison Badge (For Finalists Only)
How to Redeem your Junior Inventor Badge (For all Student Inventors - COMING SOON!)
How to create Chicago City of Learning Account with SMS

2015 Archives: 
2015 CPS Spotlight Article
2015 Volunteer Sign Up Form
2015 US2020 CSIC Mentor Guide
2015 Volunteer Assignments (for all volunteers)
2015 Invention Judging Guidance (only for Invention Judges)
2015 Judging Rubric
2015 Finalist Spreadsheet 
2014-2015 School Interest Form
2015 Teacher Orientation & Classroom Kickoff Powerpoint
2015 Program Implementation Plan - Due December 19
2015 Photo & Video Release Consent Form
2015 Student Finalist Registration and Event Info
2015 Donor Packet
2015 CSIC Program Info Sheet

2014 Archives: 
2014 Event Press Release
2014 CPS Spotlight Article
Event Program
Event Pictures
2014 Participant Information  
2014 Volunteer Information
2014 Judging Guide
2014 Finalist Registration Form

2013 Archives: 
Event Summary
Event Program
Event Pictures
2013 Participant Information
2013 Volunteer Information 
2013 CPS Spotlight Article